Carnivale Brettanomyces takes place in Utrecht from 20-23 June 2024


Carnivale Brettanomyces
15-18 June, Amsterdam

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Opening Party
Homebrewers & Fermenters Market
Friday & Saturday Garden Festival
Lager Party

Bottle Conditioned
— a Lambic documentary
w/ tasting of 3 Fonteinen, Cantillon, Bokke

Cantillon, Domaine Tissot & Levain
French Grape Ales — Montagnarde, Sacrilege, Malpolon
Balance Brewing & Blending
L’Apaisee paired w/ cheeses
Boerenerf Eylenbosch
Brazilian Wild Beer Tasting — Priscilla Colares
British Regional Cider Tasting — Max Fulgoni
Traditional cider season in Normandy — František Apfelbeck
Kemker Kultuur Aolt

Presentation & Panel
Brewing and Sustainability: Agriculture in Brewing.
— w/ 3 Fonteinen, Gulpener, Danielle Guasconi, Quinten Messemaker

Stingo, Spingo & Prize Old Ale — Henry Kirk
Landrace Yeast — Lars Garshol & Richard Preiss
Brett Science: an update — Richard Preiss
Microbial ecology of barrel-ageing — Tin Kocijan
Tea in Beer: Adding Structure, Taste… — DeWayne Schaaf
Building a Lab — Linda van Loon
Brewing Orval — Ed Wray
Water Chemistry — Gayatri Mehta
Scottish brewing history and unusual proc… — Gareth Young
Brazilian Indigenous Barrel Woods — Diego Simao Rzatki
Less is more: A brewer’s approach to developing new low-alcohol drinks — Sander Nederveen
A Mushroom World — Stephen Grigg
French Grape Ales — Montagnarde, Sacrilege, Malpolon
Berliner Weisse & Science — Benedikt Koch & Ulrike Genz
Artisanal Vinegar production — Yannick Schandené
Koji: Sake, Miso, Shoyu, … & Lambic — Evert Schraepen
Ancient Mediterranean Beers — David Tarraco
Flavour chemistry and chemical analysis of beer and fermented beverages — Dulcie Thomson
The role of yeast in miso fermentation — Emile Samson
New Yeasts — Sacha Stelder, Teun Boekhout & Julian Alvarez Zarate
Soju, Makgeolli, Sool. Korean Rice Beer, Wine & Liquor — Julia Mellor

Blending Lambic workshop — John Versyck

A surreal goat oversees the laboratory with stunning view of the brewery building behind.