Carnivale Brettanomyces
20-23 June 2024, Utrecht
* for a chronological/location-based overview, please refer
to the visual schedule. All program locations are within 2 minutes walk from each other (except the pre-party).
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here we’ll celebrate and taste the majority of beers this year.

For those early arrivers Utrechts smallest brewery Boot 122 is hosting a being-together with a healthy selection of, besides their exellent brews, German lagers and a perhaps sa few notes of music.
 Free Entrance (at Boot 122, Nijverheidskade 12, Utrecht)
Opening Party
A warm bath of reuniting, several live brewing acts, and drinking aplenty.
Free Entrance
Homebrewers Market
The heart of every Carnivale!
Free Entrance

all lectures include drinks (or accompanying tasting samples)

A wonderful weird niche unicorn fermented fruit drinks journey
— Max Fulgoni
Also known as the Ciderhousefool and Nightingale Cider Co., Max will share his both deep and broad expedition into the world of UK cider. Tags: #hybrid #anomalys #wildgonewrong #fun# funky
Ticket — Lecture/Tasting — €30
The Brettanomyces flavour spectrum
— Richard Preiss (Escarpment Laboratories)
Have you ever tasted the impact of different Brett strains side by side? Curious to explore all the wild flavours in the Brett flavour spectrum? This session will cover the flavour production possibilities of Brett with an eye on specific flavour compounds, as well as a tasting of a split batch with several genetically diverse Brett strains in beer.
Ticket  — Lecture — €25
Dark tea: Fermentation, oxidation, leaf-transformation
— Olivier Schneider
A knowledge and taste trip through the history of Chinese post-fermented teas detailing context and production methods. And then compared to the story of the lesser-known anaerobic fermented teas from Thailand and Burma. Sampling included!
Ticket — Lecture — €25
Session Beers for Sustenance — in historic context
— Benedikt Koch
Nachbier, second runnings and beers designed for sessioning: Grodzisky, Lichtenhainer, …
A talk about historic procedures and their modern adaptations, the impact of sparge temperature and the methods to bring flavor and texture to beers below 2.5%.
Ticket — Lecture — €25
Biotransformation and Thiols: Brettanomyces, mixed fermentation and aged hops
— Tim Wallen (Hoptechnic)
Tim Wallen, Research Chemist at Hoptechnic, is guiding us through the world of biotransformation and thiols. What difference do fresh and aged hops make? Expect definitions, methods of chemical analysis and deep-dive into case studies explaining the difference in thiols and hydrocarbons between clean and mixed fermentation.
Ticket — Lecture — €25
Modern fermentation practices compared with the UK open fermentation tradition
— Henry Kirk
Known from his noteworthy recreation of Prize Old Ale, historical ales at Fullers and experience at Harvey’s, Henry will talk about his new project Sunken Knave Brewery while reflecting on historical fermentation practices versus modern approaches.
Ticket — Lecture — €30
Wild-fermented Korean Rice Wine
— Julia Mellor (Sool Company)
Julia, founder of the Sool company will touch a broad spectrum of the mysterious makgeolli; the history of homebrewing and Korean fermentation culture, commercial makgeolli making and an introduction of the produce itself, Nuruk and Korean wild fermentation starters.
Ticket — Lecture — €25
Bringing Matters to a Head:
Ensuring an excellent foam on beer

— Charlie Bamforth
Nicknamed the Pope of Foam, there is likely noone else in the brewing world with more experience on the frothy matter than Charlie Bamforth. His imposing career includes being Head of Research at Bass and the Brewing Research Foundation, quality adviser to Sierra Nevada and Professor Emeritus at UC Davis while penning countless of iconic books on brewing. Charismatic and supremely qualified, Charlie will talk foam. Whip that meringue!
Ticket — Lecture — €25
The Herb factor
— Mattias Terpstra (Nevel)
Nevel is known for consequent yet delicate brews: Beers that do not scream, but that have a lot to say. Owner and brewer Mattias will talk about his use of herbs and foraged ingredients. Sourcing, methods of use, quantities and everything else buried in his large bag of tricks
Ticket — Lecture — €25
The Gaia Hypothesis
— Aiden Jönsson
The aromas and flavors in our beers echo the world around us, and this is no coincidence. These chemicals, made by plants and microbes, are also important parts of the climate system and shape the planet we live on. Using parallels of compounds in beer that I’ve also encountered throughout my time in climate science and atmospheric chemistry – like terpenes and DMS, which can be important cloud-forming gases – I’m going to introduce you to Earth’s biogechemical systems. Studying the complex interactions between life, oceans, forests, and more that can form a self-regulated system – the so-called Gaia hypothesis – may inspire us to claim active roles in it all, and make our impact a positive one for all life.
Ticket  — Lecture — €25
Invert sugars: A CAMRA nightmare
Arkan Nordin (Butcher’s Tears)
Butchers Tears, a brewery with a stubborn soul and a firm on- and offline connection with Ron Pattinson, will let you sample beer aplenty while sharing the art of brewing with British Invert sugars and how it influences their brewing. Before spilling how CAMRA inadvertently killed this rich UK brewing tradition.
Ticket — Lecture/Tasting — €25
Old Foods, new Forms: Miso,  garum, cheese and beer
— Miso Institute
“Old foods, new forms” is the title of a paper being written by the European Miso Institute (EMI) in collaboration with Joshua Evans at the Danish Technical University’s Center for Biosustainability. The aim is to present a framework that can be used to facilitate thinking about, talking about, and making novel fermented foods in a globalized context. During this presentation EMI’s vice president and first author of the paper, Emile Samson, will present the framework, and use it to discuss innovations and cultural shifts of some illustrative case studies, namely miso, garum and cheese. While it is not a part of the paper, the opportunity cannot be missed to open a discussion about what the implications of this framework might be for beer, which has also seen significant hybridization and innovation in the past years.
Ticket:  — Lecture — €25
Berliner Weisse
— Schneeeule
The great Ulrike talks Berliner Weisse while we taste some of her rarest creations from the personal cellar. All profits go straight into their crowdfunding campaign. Join!
  Ticket — Lecture/Tasting — €40


Origins Brewing (Fyne Ales)
An introduction to Scotland’s oldest mixed fermentation brewery: Origins Brewing. Founded in 2017 to make right to being a rural farm brewey, reknowned Fyne Ales has recently taken on a new Head Brewer, Dan Wye, and relaunched their foray into wild fermentation. Dan will guide you through the workings with a house culture and how balancing modern and historic techniques while pouring you their expressions of Scottish farmhouse ales.
Ticket — Tasting — €30
Geuzerie Tilquin
Despite the fast growing number of lambic brew- and blenderies, Tilquin Gueuzerie is still the only of its kind in Wallonia – and the best! Fanatic perfectionism and excellent nose are Pierre Tilquin trademarks and this presentation including some of his best beers, known and unknown, will show you why. Expect a stream of steadfast devotion and wild ideas!
Ticket — Tasting — €30
De Kromme Haring
With De Kromme Haring hosting this year festivities, it’s as clear as a day that head brewer Stephen Grigg leads us through the philosophy of this yeast driven brewery — by means of beer.
Ticket — Tasting — €25
Ascension Cider
Not only a marvelous person, Matt is also a fantastic cider maker in East Sussex — playing with all sorts of fruits and yeasts rarely seein in the Cider world. He requested a joyous introduction text, being excited to share his most wild unconventional creations yet with the perfect Carnivale audience. And we’re honoured to have him!
Ticket — Tasting — €30
Our reappearing friends from Lithuania have a broad portfolio of contemporary beers, but we are obviously most keen to try their famed Keptinis, Kvass, Braggot, Grodziskie and among other historical creations. Arriving on Thursday? Dundulis will light a fire and brew a tradional stone beer near the bonfire. Don’t miss either.
Ticket — Tasting — €25
Invert sugars: A CAMRA nightmare (Butcher’s Tears)
Butchers Tears, a brewery with a stubborn soul and a firm on- and offline connection with Ron Pattinson, will let you sample beer aplenty while sharing the art of brewing with British Invert sugars and how it influences their brewing. Before spilling how CAMRA inadvertently killed this rich UK brewing tradition.
Ticket — Tasting/Lecture — €25

Ticket — Tasting — €30
Boerenerf Eylenbosch

Ticket —Tasting — €30
A deep dive into fermenting grapes with wild yeasts
What happens when we ferment grapes spontaneously? What can go wrong and what control does a winemaker sacrifice? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this hands-off approach?
Simon Woolf will share which types of yeast tend to join the party and the effects of Brettanomyces and flor — two of those special wild yeast families. Also wine faults more common with wild fermentations — including volatile acidity and mousiness. How can you prevent them without inoculating? And are they always bad? And yes, accompanied by
some great wild wines.
Ticket — Tasting — €35
All that ferments:
Kimchi, kombucha, vinegar, koji & cider
A motion through Yannicks Schandené, chief at Fermenthings Ferment lab, and life saver in numerous past Carnivales, yet to be released book on fermentation by means of degustation. We’ll touch Kimchi, Kombucha, Vinegar, Koji and Cider.
  Ticket— Tasting — €25


Blending Lambic – a workshop and tasting
‘t Pomphuizeke, likely the most willful blender of them all, will host, after last years success, a new Lambic blending  workshop. Learn about the differences between several stages of young and aged lambic and how they interact, and takes your blends home for refermentation.
Ticket — Workshop — €45 — Tickets includes 1.5L of your own blended Geuze to take-home.
Brewing Makgeolli
During this workshop, Brouwerij Gevel will lead you through the history of Korean makgeolli and its siblings. Participants will be brewing their own batch of Makgeolli (approximately 1L) using the provided ingredients and tools. This ricey session also includes a tasting, of course.
Ticket — Workshop — €50 — Tickets includes 1L of your own Makgeolli to take-home.